What is SilverSneakers?
Healthways SilverSneakers Fitness Program is the nation’s leading fitness program designed exclusively for older adults. This comprehensive program addresses the physical, mental and social needs of Medicare-eligible members (usually 65-plus). Adults over age 65 who adopt a physically active lifestyle can substantially improve their health to get more out of life. Providing a comprehensive yet easy-to-use fitness program is proving to be a viable solution for health plans, their members and participating locations. SilverSneakers members of a sponsoring health plan receive a no-cost basic membership that includes the opportunity to participate in the signature SilverSneakers group exercise classes.

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1. What is Healthways?
2. What is SilverSneakers?
3. I am currently an annual pass holder (formerly called member) of the Groveport Recreation Center. What happens to my current annual pass/membership?
4. How do I know if I am eligible for SilverSneakers?
5. If I am eligible does it mean that my spouse is also eligible?
6. Once it is verified that I am eligible for the SilverSneakers program, what do I need to do so I can utilize the facility?
7. How long is my SilverSneakers program good for at the Groveport Recreation Center?
8. When I come to the facility what do I need to provide for entry?
9. If I use the locker rooms, am I required to bring a padlock to the facility?
10. Are there any facility rules that I need to be aware of?
11. What will I have access to at the Groveport Recreation Center?
12. Does the SilverSneakers program allow me to utilize the Groveport Aquatic Center (Outdoor Water Park) and Groveport Senior Center?
13. Can I bring a guest with me to the Groveport Recreation Center?
14. I heard that Fitness Classes are FREE. Is that the case?
15. If I have other questions about the Groveport Recreation Center, who should I contact?
16. If I need to speak to someone directly representing the Healthways Silver Sneakers program, who do I contact?