Women's Self Defense - Level II (Intermediate)

This class will build on beginner class techniques and will also cover falling and rolling to minimize injury, defending a downed position, hip throws, push kicks, creating space for escapes & ground fighting. This class is physically demanding. Be prepared to defend yourself and apply techniques learned during life-like situations, including ground fighting. Groveport Police Department Officers will serve as instructors for this class and recommend that persons take Women's Self Defense - Level I (Beginner) prior to taking this class. 
Who: Ladies 14 years of age & older  
Date/Time: Saturday, July 13 / 10 AM - 12 PM   
Fee: $10  
Location: Groveport Police Department
5690 Clyde Moore Drive
Groveport, OH 43125
Registration: Class size is limited to 10. Registration begins
June 1 & will be accepted until class is full. Register
at Groveport Recreation Center or online at