Women's Self Defense

If you would like to learn how to protect and defend yourself from a would be attacker, then you need to register now and take this class. Groveport Police Officers will instruct ladies on awareness, how not to be a target, punching, striking, kicking, escaping holds & more. Personal self-defense weapons will also be discussed. This class has been rated as EXCELLENT by hundreds of past participants. Class size is limited to 30 participants. 

Who: Ladies 14 years of age & older (age as of 3/16/19
Dates/Time: Saturday, March 16 (10 AM - 1 PM) 
Where: Groveport Recreation Center
Fee: $10.00/person
Registration: Begins Feb. 1 and will continue until class if full. Class max. is 30. 
Instructors: Groveport Police Officers
Questions: Kyle Lund, Recreation Director
614-836-1000 / klund@groveport.org