Women's Self Defense

For many years the Groveport Police Dept. has teamed up with the Groveport Rec. Dept. to offer life-saving skills to women. Ladies will learn how to recognize and fight off hand & arm grabs, grabs from behind, choke holds and other unwanted touches by an attacker. Women will also learn how stand and where/how to strike & kick. Officers will review "things that can be used as weapons" to fight off an attacker. This is a hands-on class. Class is limited to 30 participants. Registrations will be accepted until class is full. Class usually fills quickly. Register now! What you learn in this class could one day help save your life.

Women's Self Defense Flyer Spring 2018 (PDF)

Who: Ladies 14 years of age & older (age as of 3/7/18)
Dates/Time: Wed., March 7 & 14 (6 PM - 9 PM)
*2 part class that meets on both dates
Where: Groveport Recreation Center
Fee: $5.00/person
Instructors: Groveport Police Officers
Program #: 570016-11
Questions: Kyle Lund, Recreation Director
614-836-1000 / klund@groveport.org