Groveport Tennis Academy

The Groveport Recreation Department is offering high quality tennis instruction for juniors (3 1/2 years and up) and adults at an affordable price.  Clinics are available for beginners through tournament level and league players.  Let Chris Borden-Brown, USPTA Certified Teaching Professional and former Assistant Head Pro of New Albany Country club, introduce you to the game or further your knowledge and skills.  Quick Start Instruction will be used with Juniors.  All lessons will take place at Groveport's Degenhart Park located at 335 Lesleh Ave., Groveport.  If you have any questions, please contact Chris at 614-282-4779 or  A minimum of 3 registered participants for class to run, additional sections will be added when possible with 3 on the waiting list.  Racquets will be available to borrow for junior clinics up to age 12.  Adult size racquets are available to purchase after opportunity to try various demo racquets.  Space is limited, so please register early.

GTA Fall Tennis Flyer 2021
GTA Fall Tennis Flyer2 2021

Who: 3.5 Years - Adult
Times / Fee: Varies Per Class
Location: Degenhart Park
Dates: September 7 - October 11, 2021

Registration: Accepted thru Sept. 6
Questions: Chris Borden-Brown

Class Descriptions

Little Tennis

Ages: 3.5 - 6 Yrs. Racquet Size: 21". Skills introduced: ground strokes, volleys, footwork, combination drills & movement. This program is a fun way for children to be introduced to tennis at a young age. Quick Start Instruction will be used and each week one new skill will be added. At the end of the session, children will know how to hit the basic strokes with some movement to the ball. 

Rip & Rally

Ages: 7 - 9 Yrs. Racquet Size: 23" or 25". Skills introduced: All components of Little Tennis, plus correct grips, hitting from the baseline, approach shots, overheads, intro. to serving, positioning on court, beginning to rally & scoring. Rip & Rally is a continuation from Little Tennis or a great way for 7 - 9 year olds to learn beginning tennis. Quick Start Instruction will be used to effectively move to the ball with the goal to be able to rally a ball with the pro by the end of the season. 

Future Stars

Ages: 10 - 12 Yrs. Racquet Size: 25" or 26". Skills introduced: All components of Little Tennis and Rip & Rally, plus serving proficiency, rallying from baseline & returning a serve. Focus will be on developing proper technique taught by utilizing Quick Start Instruction. Serving & returning are also major components at this level. The main goal is to have a strong foundation and ability to play tennis with someone equal to their ability. 

Tennis 101

Ages: 13 Yrs.+. Racquet Size: 27". All basic stokes are introduced, along with scoring, grips, strategy, rallying & positioning on the court.Tennis 101 is a great clinic for teens/adults who want to learn how to play tennis with other beginners their own age. It is also geared towards adults who have never played or who used to play, but want to refresh their skills. The goal at end of the season is to be able to play tennis correctly with someone of same ability. 

Men’s Team Practice

For players who have previously played competitive tennis.  Stroke refinement and doubles strategy will be covered throughout the season.  Players interested will have the opportunity to play competitive tennis throughout the Summer on Saturday mornings against other men’s tennis teams throughout the Columbus area.

Drill & Play

Ages: Teen & adult players who can keep a consistent rally. All fundamentals of the game will be covered, along with singles & doubles strategy. Designed for high school ability players to tournament players who would like a combination of drills, as well as time for competitive play. Half of session will be drills, half of session will be play. Drills will be theme-based and will change weekly. Participants will practice a specific shot and then use it immediately during an actual match. 

Junior USTA Team

For players who can consistently serve and know the rules and etiquette of the game. Juniors will play either singles or doubles against other tennis clubs. Home and away matches will be played. Matches will begin in June and typically run 5 to 6 weeks. A membership to USTA must be purchased. Additional fee will be required for summer matches. All players must contact Chris Borden-Brown before registering for approval. 

 12 & Under Beginner Level

 14 & Under Intermediate Level