Know if I am a Resident

Persons do not need to be City of Groveport residents to utilize our facilities or participate in our programs. However, City of Groveport residents are afforded lower rates for memberships, day passes, and most programs

Who is Considered a City of Groveport Resident? What Do I Need to Bring to Prove That I Am a Resident?

Any individual residing within the corporate limits of the City of Groveport. This includes any home/condominium/apartment within taxing district No. 185. Please be advised that your address may state "Groveport," but you may or may not live within the corporate limits. Mailing addresses are set up by the U.S. Postal Service. Individuals are required to provide a valid Ohio Driver License or State ID Card accompanied by a Groveport Water Bill, another utility bill or tax bill.

How Do I Find Out if My Home is Within Taxing District Number 185?

  • Please go to the Franklin County Ohio Auditor's Website.
  • Click "Property Search"
  • Click "Search by Address"
  • Insert your address
  • When info comes up, look for "Tax Status" and then look for "Tax District."
  • If your number is 185, your home is within the City of Groveport corporate limits.

Who is Considered a Corporate Resident? What Do I Need to Bring to Prove That I Work in the City of Groveport?

Any individual that lives outside the City of Groveport corporate limits, but is employed within the corporate limits of the City of Groveport. Individual is required to provide a recent pay stub (within the last 30 days) showing the person's name, business address and City taxes withheld. Individual must also provide a valid company photo ID card.

Why Do Non-Residents Pay More?

Residents pay property tax to the City of Groveport. Corporate residents pay income tax (2%) to the City of Groveport. As a result, residents and corporate residents are afforded a substantially lower rate.

But I Pay Groveport-Madison School District Taxes. Why Can't I Get the Resident Rate?

The City of Groveport and the Groveport Madison School District are separate entities. The Groveport Madison School District goes well beyond the boundaries of the City of Groveport and services students from Groveport, Madison Township, Obetz, Columbus and Reynoldsburg.