SilverSneakers Fitness Program

Medicare eligible members (usually persons 65 years of age & older)

In May of 2012, the Groveport Recreation Center joined the network of SilverSneakers Fitness Centers. This program is the leading program designed exclusively for older adults. 

  1. Pick up and complete a SilverSneakers Program Packet/Registration Form. Packets/Forms are available below (PDF) or at the Groveport Recreation Center. 
  2. Return the completed Packet/Form to the front desk of the Groveport Recreation Center. 
  3. Our staff will verify your eligibility. This may take between 24 and 48 hours depending on when you returned your Packet/Form. 
  4. Our staff will call you and let you know if you are eligible for the SilverSneakers Program. If so, we will schedule your orientation. 
  5. Attend the orientation. 
  6. Start utilizing the facility. 
Learn more about the SilverSneakers program by checking out the following frequently asked questions.

To register for the program, please complete and submit the Registration Form included in the SilverSneakers Program Packet 2018 (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SilverSneakers? 
SilverSneakers Fitness Program is the nation’s leading fitness program designed exclusively for older adults. This comprehensive program addresses the physical, mental and social needs of Medicare-eligible members (usually 65-plus). Adults over age 65 who adopt a physically active lifestyle can substantially improve their health to get more out of life. Providing a comprehensive yet easy-to-use fitness program is proving to be a viable solution for health plans, their members and participating locations. SilverSneakers members of a sponsoring health plan receive a no-cost basic membership that includes the opportunity to participate in the signature SilverSneakers group exercise classes.

I am currently an annual pass holder (formerly called member) of the Groveport Recreation Center. What happens to my current annual pass/membership? 

Your current annual pass/membership will be put on-hold while you are enrolled in the SilverSneakers program.  If the SilverSneakers program is terminated either by me, the Groveport Recreation Center or SilverSneakers, the hold on my pass/membership will be lifted and I will be obligated for the remaining months on my pass/membership and I will have full pass/membership privileges.

If you paid with cash or credit card, you will NOT receive any type of refund.

If you paid via Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT), our staff will not charge your account during the time in which you are enrolled in the SilverSneakers program at our facility. If the SilverSneakers program is terminated either by me, the COG or SilverSneakers, my account will be charged for the remaining months on my pass/membership and I will have full pass/membership privileges.

If I am eligible does it mean that my spouse is also eligible?

No. Our staff will have to verify each of you individually.

Once it is verified that I am eligible for the SilverSneakers program, what do I need to do so I can utilize the facility? 

After turning in your completed forms and after our staff has confirmed your eligibility, our staff will enter your information into our recreation management system. Our staff will then schedule an orientation session for you. At the orientation, our staff will give you a tour of the facility and also provide you with information on how to use our fitness equipment. After completing the orientation, our staff will take your photo and make you a Groveport Recreation Center I.D. Card. This card will enable you to use the facility. NOTE: This entire process may take a week or so, depending on the forms submitted, eligibility confirmation, processing and orientation.

How long is my SilverSneakers program good for at the Groveport Recreation Center? 

You will be eligible for the program as long as you remain eligible through your health insurance program. 

When I come to the facility what do I need to provide for entry?

Our staff will issue you a Pass Card containing your name, photo and a bar code. Simply pass the card (facing up) under the scanner at the front desk located in the middle of the lobby. Once we have verified your scan, our staff will “buzz you in”. 

If I use the locker rooms, am I required to bring a padlock to the facility? 

We encourage all patrons to secure their belongings in a locked locker. Patrons are responsible for bringing their own padlock to the facility. Items may not be kept in lockers overnight.

If I shower at your facility, will I need to bring my own soap & towel. 

The Groveport Recreation Center provides hand soap, but you will need to bring your own shampoo and towel. 

Are there any facility rules that I need to be aware of? 

Yes. Staff has developed a number of facility rules for each area of the facility. A copy of the rules is attached to your SilverSneakers Registration Form.

What will I have access to at the Groveport Recreation Center? 

You will have access to everything that a normal pass holder/member has access to on a daily basis, which includes: Fitness Center • 1/10 Mile 3-Lane Elevated Track • 2-Hardwood Floor Full Court Gyms • Heated 145,000 Gallon Indoor Pool • 30 ft. Rock Climbing Wall • Locker Rooms • General Areas

Does the SilverSneakers program allow me to utilize the Groveport Aquatic Center (Outdoor Water Park) and Groveport Senior Center? 

No. The SilverSneakers program only reimburses the City of Groveport for your use of the Groveport Recreation Center. You are welcome to use the Groveport Aquatic Center and Groveport Senior Center as long as you pay the normal going rate at those facilities. Rate information is available at

Can I bring a guest with me to the Groveport Recreation Center?


Yes. However, they must pay for a day pass.

I heard that Fitness Classes are FREE. Is this the case?

Classes noted as SilverSneakers are free for you and your fellow SilverSneakers friends. However, you will be charged the normal rate for any other programs and classes. 

What are the hours of the Groveport Recreation Center?

Facility hours and schedule are noted in our most current brochure. The information can also be obtained on our website. 

If I need to speak to someone directly representing the Tivity Health SilverSneakers Program, who do I contact?

Please call 1-866-456-3065.

If I need to speak to someone at the Groveport Recreation Center, what number do I call?

Please call 614-836-1000.