Register for a Program

Online Registration is available for most programs. You may only register persons in your immediate household (no exceptions). For step-by-step directions on how to register for a program online, click here.



Groveport Residents

Please stop by the Groveport Recreation Center, so our staff can verify who you are and provide you with a Username and Password. Individuals are required to provide a valid Ohio Driver License or State ID Card accompanied by a Groveport Water Bill, another utility bill or tax bill in order to verify residency. This extra step will allow you to receive resident rates for our programs.


Click Online Registration is available (above). If you have not previously set up an on-line account with us before, under NEW CUSTOMER, click on the "Click here".  

If you already have previously set up an on-line account with us, follow Existing Customer instructions.

If you have any questions regarding On-Line Registration, please call our office at 614-836-1000,


On-Site Registration

Registrations are also accepted in-person at the Groveport Recreation Center.

Mail-In Registration

Mail your completed Program Registration Form to:

Groveport Recreation Center
7370 Groveport Road
Groveport, OH 43125

Program Registration Form (PDF)

Fax-In Registration

We are no longer accepting faxed in registration forms. Please either register online, onsite or mail your registration form to us.


Payment for programs can be made in the form of credit card, cash and personal check (in most cases). Please make checks payable to the CITY OF GROVEPORT. Payment must be made at the time of registration. The registration will not be accepted if payment is incorrect or does not accompany the registration form.

Proof of Residency

In order to get the City of Groveport resident rate, you must provide proof of residency.

Groveport Residents

If you live in the City of Groveport, you will be required to bring a valid Ohio Driver License or State ID Card, accompanied by a Groveport Water Bill, another utility bill or tax bill to receive the Groveport Resident Rate.

Corporate Residents

If you work in the City of Groveport and pay 2% income tax to the City of Groveport, you are required to bring a valid Ohio Driver License or State ID Card and a recent pay stub showing the person's name and business address to receive the Groveport Resident Rate.

Proof of Age

For certain programs, you may be required to provide your birth certificate and/or driver license.

Non-Discrimination Policy

The City of Groveport promotes a non-discrimination policy that ensures participation for all regardless of race, national origin, religion, sex, economic status, or disability. The City will make reasonable accommodations to our program to ensure accessibility for persons with disabilities. Please make our staff aware of any special accommodation that you or your child may need at registration.

Waiting Lists

Did you miss the registration deadline? If so, please call us. We may still have room in the program. If we do not have room at the time, we can place you on a waiting list in the event that a space opens up in the program. Please keep in mind that nothing kills a program quicker than everyone waiting until the last minute to register.

Refund Policy

All programs have a minimum number of participants in order to be conducted. The City of Groveport reserves the right to cancel, combine, alter dates and times, and to make any other revision which may be necessary in regards to programs and classes. All refunds will be made by the following guidelines.

If you paid via cash or check, you will receive a check from the City of Groveport (normally takes 2 weeks).

If you paid via credit card, we will refund directly to the card that was used for the transaction. 

Cancelled Class

If the City cancels a class, the participant will receive a full-refund.

Before Program Begins

Refunds will be made only before the start of the program for the following circumstances: (1). When the refund is requested at least 5 business days in advance of the first program date, provided that it does not reduce the participation level below the required minimum.

After Program Begins

Refunds will only be given if the participant becomes ill and is no longer able to participate in the remainder of the program. A doctor's statement must be provided. All refunds given will be prorated from the date of notification to the Recreation Department.


Since trips require reservations weeks in advance, the City of Groveport cannot process refunds for trips (no exceptions).

Administrative Fee

A $5 administrative fee will be charged to cover processing costs for each individual program enrollment. The $5 administrative fee will not be charged if the City of Groveport cancels the program.

Class Transfers

Persons wishing to transfer from one class to another may do so providing that the transfer does not reduce the participation level below the required minimum.