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Groveport Community Garden Tri=Fold 2016 (pdf)

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Community Garden Guidelines, Rules & Agreement 2016 (pdf)

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Groveport Community Garden

Breaks Ground in Spring of 2012

The Groveport Community Garden was conceived in the summer of 2011 by a small group of residents. The Groveport Community Garden Committee held its first meeting on Sat., June 6, 2011 at the Groveport Recreation Center to discuss the viability of a community garden. Since that first meeting, the Committee along with the assistance of the Groveport Parks & Recreation Dept. has nominated a Chair & Vice Chair, selected a suitable site which has been approved by the City of Groveport, developed rules, a Plot Request Form and a site plan (including map of plots, water source, compost bins, fence specifications, etc.), scheduled an Education Series, sold plots and received a $2,500 grant from the Columbus & Franklin County Community Grant Program. The grant was used to help pay for the fencing around the garden.

The garden is open to all persons ($10 per plot/per year). However, the City reserves the right to waive the fee for a person/family due to economic challenges. In 2011, staff conducted a soil test and found that the soil was ideal for gardening. The land was initially tilled by City staff in the late fall of 2011 and twice in the early spring of 2012.

The mission of the Groveport Community Garden is to build community and improve people’s quality of life through the following objectives: encourage self reliance by enabling participants an opportunity to grow their own nutritional fruit and vegetables; enable participants an opportunity to exercise, recreate and educate; foster community spirit through socialization; foster continual learning through sharing of ideas, gardening workshops and school involvement; enable participants to share resources (e.g., tools, gardening techniques, manpower, etc.); encourage participants to reconnect with nature and “go green”; assist those in need. The City & Committee hope that through consistent and constant promotion, education and cooperation amongst residents, businesses and local organizations, our objectives will be met.

Questions regarding the Groveport Community Garden should be directed to:

Kyle Lund, Director of Parks & Recreation

City of Groveport

614-836-1000 ext. 1503

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Guidelines, Rules & Gardening Agreement


1.      APPLICATION – Persons interested in planting a garden at the Groveport Community Garden shall make application. City of Groveport residents may apply beginning February 1 of the current year.  If plots are available, non-residents may apply beginning March 1 of the current year. User shall be at least 18 years of age. Children may garden, but only under the supervision of the adult User.

2.      SIZE – Each plot shall be 10 ft. x 10 ft., or 20 ft. x 5 ft. in size, depending on its location in the garden. Gardeners will be given the option of retaining the same plot from year to year.

3.      FEES – A User/family will be charged $10/year per plot. This fee is not refundable. The City of Groveport reserves the right to waive the fee for a person/family due to economic challenges. Persons interested in having their fee waived, must complete a Scholarship Form.

4.      MAINTENANCE & UPKEEP – Each User is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of their garden plot during the garden season (first of April thru end of October). Tilling, soil development, watering, weeding, harvesting, and any other garden related maintenance are all the responsibility of the User. At the end of the growing season, Users are responsible for “putting their garden to bed”, and leaving the plot in good condition.

5.      ABANDON – If User abandons his/her plot, User will notify the City of Groveport Parks & Recreation Department.

6.      WEEDS – User agrees to keep weeds to a minimum and maintain the areas immediately surrounding his/her plot, if any.

7.      UNKEPT – User understands that if his/her plot becomes unkept, User will be given (2) week’s notice to clean it up. If the plot is not cleaned up, it will be re-assigned or tilled in.

8.     TOOLS - Users must provide their own gardening tools.

9.      SAFETY – Plots must be kept safe at all times. If any condition is deemed unsafe, the City of Groveport will require the User to rectify the situation immediately. If the Community Garden Committee or City has to intervene a second time, the User must relinquish his/her plot. The City of Groveport reserves the right to restrict a person’s access to their garden plot based on safety concerns or unwelcome behavior.

10.      TRASH – User will keep trash and litter out of the plot, as well as from adjacent pathways and fences.

11.      FALL CLEAN UP – User agrees to participate in the fall clean up of the garden.

12.      CROPS – All crops grown must annual in nature be legal in the state of Ohio. Trees may not be grown.

13.      SHADE – If tall plants are grown, please be considerate of your neighbors.

14.      PICKING OF CROPS – User agrees to only pick his/her own crops unless given permission by another plot User.

15.      FERTILIZERS, INSECTICIDES AND WEED REPELLENTS  - The application of non-organic fertilizers, insecticides, weed repellents and any other poison are prohibited.

16.      FENCES – Perimeter fences around each User’s garden are not permitted.

17.      STRUCTURES – No structures may obscure vision throughout the garden. Exceptions are trellises and wire used to grow climbing plants, which may not exceed 6 feet. No treated wood may be used.

18.      COMPOST PILE – A compost pile will be maintained. Please place all weeds, plant material, spoiled fruits or vegetables in the compost pile.

19.      COMMUNICATION – The City of Groveport Parks & Recreation Department along with the Community Garden Committee are responsible for ensuring that rules are followed at all times. Issues will be discussed at periodic meetings and through the Community Garden Committee email list. If you do not have email, please arrange for someone to pass information on to you.

20.      VOLUNTEER HOURS – User agrees to volunteer hours towards community gardening efforts.

21.      PETS – User agrees not to bring pets into the garden area.

22.      WATER – A water resource is available in the garden (next to the red barn). Please use water responsibly. Due to possible damage to neighboring crops, over-watering and the fact that there is only one water spigot in the garden, hoses may NOT be used. Water must be carried in buckets or water cans to and from the water source.  It is recommended that if you have trouble carrying your water, place the water in buckets, place the buckets in a wagon and wheel the water to your plot.

23.      KEYS - User will receive a garden gate key and water key prior to the start of the growing season.  Keys must be turned in at the end of the growing season.

24.      ACCESS – Users may start to garden April 1 (tentative).  The garden will close on Thanksgiving Day.  Access to the community garden is available from dawn to dusk, seven days a week during garden season.

25.      PARKING – All vehicles must be parked in a designated parking lot. No driving is permitted on the grass beyond the pavement out of the garden for any purpose.  If you are unloading items, you may do so on the pavement, closest to the double gate.  Once you have unloaded, please move your vehicle to a designated parking spack.  Please do not interfere with any traffic trying to enter or exit the park.

26.      PARK RULES – Users shall follow all park rules.

27.      LIABILITY – User understands that neither the Community Garden Committee nor the City of Groveport is responsible for my actions or the actions of others. User agrees to hold harmless the Community Garden Committee and the City of Groveport for any liability, damage, loss or claim that occurs in connection with the use of the garden by User or User’s guests.

28.      MISC. - The City of Groveport Parks & Recreation Department reserves the right to rule on any matter not specifically covered in the rules and to make any decision it deems as necessary for the best interest of the City of Groveport or The Community Gardening Committee. This document is subject to change.

29.      CITY OF GROVEPORT – The City of Groveport owns the property in which the community garden exists. All rules, ordinances & guidelines of the City of Groveport override any of the information in this document should it be determined that there is a conflict.