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The Groveport Recreation Department is committed to providing quality leisure activities and facilities which contribute to the physical, mental, social and emotional growth of our patrons. Our programs and facilities will represent the highest standards of sportsmanship, integrity, morals and equality. “We hope to enhance your quality of life.”

Groveport Recreation Department

Groveport Recreation Center ● Groveport Aquatic Center ● Groveport Senior Center
7370 Groveport Road, Groveport, OH 43125

Groveport Recreation Center: 614-836-1000 Office 614-836-2999 Fax
Groveport Aquatic Center: 614-836-2255 Office (Seasonal)
Groveport Senior Center: 614-836-4599 Office

  1. Lund, Kyle March 2011_thumb.jpg

    Kyle Lund

    Recreation Director
    Phone: 614-836-1000, ext. 1503

  2. Kirkwood, Cathy March 2011_thumb.jpg

    Cathy Kirkwood

    Administrative Assistant
    Phone: 614-836-1000, ext. 1504

  3. Card, Jeff March 2011_thumb.jpg

    Jeff Card

    Customer Service Coordinator
    Phone: 614-836-1000, ext. 1506

  4. Bernard, Stephania March 2011_thumb.jpg

    Stephania Bernard-Ferrell

    Sports/Fitness Manager
    Phone: 614-836-1000, ext. 1513

  5. VanHuffel, Amy_thumb.jpg

    Amy Van Huffel

    Recreation Coordinator
    Phone: 614-836-1000, ext. 1505

  1. Carter, Kelly_thumb.jpg

    Kelly Carter

    Aquatics Coordinator
    Phone: 614-836-1000, ext. 1512

  2. Saulnier, Deb March 2011_thumb.jpg

    Deb Scholl-Saulnier

    Senior Citizens Coordinator
    Phone: 614-836-4599

  3. Green, Ebonee Aug 2016 - 2_thumb.jpg

    Ebonee Green

    Phone: 614-836-1000

  4. Butler, Nichole_thumb.jpg

    Nichole Butler

    Phone: 614-836-1000